Boat Dock Lighting Mistakes to Avoid

dock lighting anderson scAn electrical boat dock in Anderson SC will provide you with convenient and safe access to your boat. When you are designing your boat dock with a company offering residential electrical services, you should be sure to install lighting that provides you with proper visibility. When you are docking your boat at night or in harsh weather conditions, your dock lights will allow you to safely maneuver your vessel. A company offering residential electrical services and lighting near Anderson SC can help you design the perfect lighting configuration for your dock. To assist you with your project, here is a look at some common boat dock lighting mistakes that should be avoided.

Installing Elevated Bright Lights
When you are installing boat dock lighting, it is important to avoid installing lights that are tall and very bright. If your lighting is installed too high off of the level of the dock, your visibility may be compromised. Instead, it is a great idea to install smaller lights that are at the hip level of the average person. This lighting level will provide you with proper visibility when you are getting off of your boat.

Choosing Metal Light Casings
Another boat dock lighting mistake to avoid is using lights that are housed in metal casing. Since metal reacts and corrodes when it comes into contact with water, metal lights will quickly deteriorate when they are installed on your boat dock. To ensure that your boat dock lights last for as long as possible, you can choose lights that are housed in waterproof plastic.

Neglecting the End of the Dock
As you are designing your boat dock lighting, you may pay specific attention to the area where passengers will disembark from the vessel. However, it is also highly important to illuminate the end of your dock. To ensure that you are able to identify your dock when you are pulling in during the nighttime, you can incorporate one or more colored lights into your design.

Boat Dock Lighting & Safety

With spring headed our way, it’s time to start thinking about your boating activities and boat dock lighting.

Lighting your boat dock is important for the safety of you and your passengers when entering and exiting your boat in the dark. Dock wiring and lighting from Isom Electric creates a safer environment on your dock. It can also be a wonderful feature to have if you want to entertain on your boat dock after the sun has set this summer.

It can also help protect your investment. Lighting your boat dock properly can help ensure that you can see the dock well when returning from a voyage. Also, a dock that is not lit properly can lead to boating accidents that cause damage to the boat or the dock. Boat dock lights can make your boat dock not only a safer but also a much more enjoyable place.

We use all ground fault circuits. We can provide the proper installation of all wiring, grounding, and bonding of any motors or pumps located on your dock. We can even inspect your dock to make sure it is safe for your up-coming spring and summer fun on the lake!