Business Signs

Making a good first impression on potential customers can be very dependent on your business sign. The most effective signs are attention-grabbing that have a clear and eye-catching look to draw people in. How your sign looks, where potential clients are likely to see it, and what your sign says are important things to think about.
Consider these basic tips when preparing to create a sign for your business:

• Proper Placement
• Well Lit
• Obstruction Free
• Easy to Read
• Well Maintained

Be sure the text on your sign is easy to read. Consider visually appealing colors that make the text easy to read over its background. While it isn’t easy to do, use the least amount of words possible. Try not to use more than two fonts. Your logo or any unique graphic that relates to your business makes your sign more memorable. Outdoor signs need to be large enough that they can be seen from a distance and placed close to your business’s actual location.
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Parking Lot Safety – Not Just for Business Owners

Now that the time has changed and it’s getting darker earlier, most business owners have already taken care of parking lot lighting maintenance. But even well lit parking lots can have hidden dangers at this time of the year. To help keep everyone protected, we found an easy to follow list of tips from Allied Barton.

“Pedestrians can make themselves easy targets in parking lots. Usually, they don’t even realize it. The following tips can help make your use of parking lots safer:

  • Stay alert and walk briskly with your head up and your shoulders back. Criminals look for easy marks such as people who are slouched over, preoccupied or fumbling with packages.
  • Look around the parking lot and your vehicle for suspicious people. If you notice odd behavior, inform security or the police immediately.
  • Walk with others when possible.
  • Walk in a well-lit area.
  • Be aware of noises and movements.
  • Avoid wearing visibly expensive jewelry.
  • Have your keys in your hands and ready to open your vehicle.
  • Look into your vehicle’s front and rear seats before entering it.
  • If someone approaches your vehicle inquiring about directions, do not open your door or roll your window down.
  • If you are alone at night, ask security to escort you to your vehicle.

Parking lots are targeted locations for the theft of valuables from a vehicle, as well as theft of the vehicle itself. A little planning may prevent such events from occurring.

  • Park near other vehicles or in high pedestrian and vehicle traffic areas. Parking in an isolated area is a welcome mat for criminals.
  • Park in a well-lit area.
  • Keep packages and valuables out of sight in your vehicle—either under a seat or in the glove box or trunk.
  • When leaving your vehicle, be certain your windows are rolled up and your doors are locked.
  • Criminals walk through parking lots looking for easy opportunities, such as vehicles with unlocked doors or packages and valuables in plain sight. Before leaving your vehicle, take time to double-check that your car is not an easy target.”

Where we feel that a well lit parking lot does a good deal for the safety of the general public, we also know that there are many things consumers can do to help stay safe this holiday season. Hope its a happy, healthy, and safe season for all!

Parking Lot Lighting Safety

With the time change and the darkness of winter rapidly approaching, you need to make sure that your parking lot lights, time clocks, and street lights are ready to keep your customers and employees safe. Keeping up -to-date on parking lot lighting safety should be a priority. Not only does it allow your employees and customers to see, it keeps most would-be criminals at bay.

Isom Electric has a team of electricians who can expertly install, maintain, and repair your parking lot lights in Upstate South Carolina. Don’t wait until it’s already dark to properly maintain and repair your outdoor lighting. Contact us today to schedule a parking lot lighting maintenance appointment.