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Home Generator Tips

Home generators can save the day during severe weather. Here are some generator safety tips to help you use your generator safely and efficiently!

Never Use Generators Indoors

Generators emit carbon monoxide With no smell or color, carbon monoxide can be deadly. Operate your generator completely outdoors. Not in a storage shed or garage. Certainly keep it far away from any home ventilation as the generators exhaust can enter the home this way.

Store Generator Fuel Outside

Store generator fuel in an appropriate container and far away from a water heater or anything else with a pilot light! Fuel can ignite with the slightest spark and cause major damage. Certainly don’t smoke the fuel and keep an extinguisher handy in case of an emergency.

Don’t Directly Connect Your Generator to Your Home’s Wiring

A generator can send power into the lines connected to your home, damaging utility equipment.Newer generators can be installed with a switch that disconnects your house from the power grid when your generator is in operation.

Choose the right size generator

It is important to choose the right size generator and not overload it with too many appliances.

If you have questions of concerns about using a generator for backup power to your home, contact Isom Electric as we will be glad to make sure you have a professional set up so that you can be safely prepared.

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