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Are you Ready? – Standby Generator for Emergency Power

Unexpected power outages are a part of life. Emergency power systems can lessen the risk and provide a reliable source of power to meet your needs. We have put together some of the more popular misconception and truths about standby generators and portable generators.

Misconception: All generators are the same.
Truth: The automatic home standby generator is a powerful, fully automatic enclosed generator is the most appropriate generator for residential use. They are quiet, reliable and loaded with special features. They can be solar-operated or gas operated. The portable generator is an affordable solution for recreation applications, job sites and emergency backup power. Commercial generators utilize industrial grade engines for dependable service. They provide peace of mind for health care facilities as well as industries.

Misconception: You have to go outside to start your standby generator.
Truth: Standby generators are fully automatic and go on seconds after utility power goes out. When power is restored, the standby generator powers off automatically.

Misconception: Portable generators can be operated anywhere.
Truth: Portable generators need to have good ventilation. They create the deadly gas, carbon monoxide, and need to be operated outdoors away from doors, windows, etc.

Isom Electric can help you choose an emergency power generator to meet your needs. Call us today and let us help you to protect the things that mean the most to you. We recommend Milbank generators for your peace of mind.

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