Home Generators & Severe Weather

What a summer we are having so far! The southeast has been soaked with rain and hit pretty hard with some severe weather. And now with hurricane season just around the corner, we can expect some more to come our way.

With the threat of severe weather, it is always nice to have the modern convenience of electricity with an automatic enclosed home generator. But for some electricity may be a more immediate concern. For example, when your home loses power, refrigerators, HVAC, and medical equipment stops working. If the power outage lasts a long period of time, a home may become uncomfortable or uninhabitable due to temperature. In winter, it can lead to water pipes bursting and freezing temperatures inside. In the summer, it can lead to heat stroke or even death.

Generators for businesses can keep revenue coming in when power is out. For hospitals, it can mean life or death to some patients. For industrial complexes, it can keep things running until you can go through the proper shut down procedures thus protecting your machinery.

No matter your needs, Isom Electric can help you choose an emergency power generator to meet your needs. Whether you are looking for an automatic enclosed generator for your home, a portable generator for recreation, or a commercial generator for industrial or health care applications, Isom Electric is here for you and the things that matter most to you.