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As an out-of-town homeowner, it's difficult to find people to make home repairs and not get ripped off or have shoddy work performed because I am not there to oversee.  Unfortunately, both of these have happened to me too frequently. Recently, when I knew there were some electrical issues that had to be diagnosed and fixed, I panicked! The first person I called (who shall remain nameless) did a horrid "job" and ripped me off financially as well. In a panic, I went to Facebook asking all of my Anderson friends for recommendations. The name that came up over and over again was Isom's. I gave them a call, described the problems and voila- my thinking that it would cost thousands to fix- disappeared! Not only were they incredibly timely and nice, they did a fantastic job, efficiently and without loitering to make extra money. I would recommend Isom's Electrical to every single person I know. Wish I'd heard about them before the first guy came along. Thanks so much!

Lisa Wilson

Isom Electric LLC BBB Business Review

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